Business housekeepingI have owned and run two businesses in my life; Sapphire Tree my current business offering virtual business support and previously the imaginatively named ‘As if by Magic’ cleaning business.

Whilst clearly different in their offered services it recently occurred to me that the mindset I apply / applied to both businesses were in fact the same and could best be summed up as ‘house-keeping’! For a cleaning business this is fairly self-explanatory; my team went into offices and homes to tidy, clean, organise, reinstating order and calm. Now can you see where I’m going with this??  Essentially all these words form my goals when working with a Sapphire Tree client.  I want to help my clients run their businesses and their lives as efficiently and successfully as possible by establishing order, stream-lining operations and ‘clearing the path’ for the client to focus on the core functions of their business.

I do this by providing a number of different services from general admin to project management, information research and often from providing an objective opinion in decision making. Underlying all these services is my aim to make my client’s life easier to provide them with the level of business support they need in order to keep moving forward by removing the ‘mess’ that would otherwise prevent this.

So if you need a virtual assistant or some specific operational business support I am ready to roll up my sleeves and make your business sparkle!