business support and lifestyleWhen I tell people that I provide virtual business and lifestyle support it is not always met with an instant understanding.  Indeed more often than not it is immediately followed up with the question ‘so what is that exactly?’.   It is a concept that I am very keen to share with people both for the benefit of my own business but also that of the busy freelancer, entrepreneur and business owner who recognises they need help but struggle to think what form that help could come in that will suit their budget, requirements and business set-up.

In it’s simplest form virtual business support is outsourcing tasks that you do not have the time, expertise or inclination to do.  You gain the experience of a fellow business owner whose own success relies entirely on ensuring yours.  The service is tailored to your exact requirements and you only pay for the hours worked with none of the costly overheads of employing a temp or new member of staff. Furthermore the ‘virtual’ nature of the support means you don’t need to provide a desk, computer or even be in the same country!

People can understandably be nervous of the unfamiliar particularly when it involves spending money. What I want to do is to show my clients that by embracing using virtual business support it will in fact allow them to focus more on the core functions of their business and ultimately increase their profit.  To help introduce more people to the concept of outsourcing to a virtual assistant I am offering 2 hours free support to be used for a one-off task or to be added on to another package up until 1st January.  So if you are sitting there with a to-do list that is never clearing, a task that you always dread or a project you keep postponing get in touch with me now for some virtual business support!