Holiday CoverWith the festive period fast approaching it has turned my attention to the challenges business owners face when trying to take a ‘worry free’ holiday. I understand the difficulties first hand having owned and run my own business previously – the extra hours of preparation required in advance, the relentless checking of emails and answering of calls whilst away and the disturbed sleep due to the constant anxiety that you had forgotten to do something.  Relaxing it was not.

Restful holidays should not be impossible for a business owner.  They are well earned and should be enjoyed and there is a simple and cost effective solution available to allow this to happen…..enter virtual business support.  This provides you with the opportunity to leave your business in safe hands, indeed in the hands of a fellow business owner who is uniquely placed to understand your concerns about going on holiday.

At Sapphire Tree I provide holiday cover for freelancers, consultants and business owners.  My support involves an initial consultation with my client to understand their business, how they like to communicate with their clients, tasks that need actioned, how best to make me the point of contact in their absence.  I will provide a holiday cover brief so that both myself and my client are clear as to the scope of support being provided.  The client will only be contacted in absolute emergencies and will return to a report of what tasks I have completed on their behalf and a comprehensive list of priority action points for their attention.

So if the idea of taking a holiday or even just a couple of days away from your business is causing you undue worry then please contact me at to discuss how my virtual assistance can allow you to leave your business in safe hands. Then the only worry you will have is where the waiter is to order the next drink…..Happy Holidays!